Funny Differences between Men and Women

Funny Differences between Men and Women Why men are so different? This is one of the frequently asked questions by women. Similar is the case with women as, men find them different. And, till date there has not been a sole answer to it and there cannot be one too. Probably that is the reason John Gray say “Men are from Mars and Women from Venus”. Here are some truly interesting and unique qualities to share about both the genders.

Check out these unique differences in men and woman. Enjoy!

  •   •  It is absolutely impossible for a woman to admit her mistake. And, the last man who had admitted his mistake probably created woman.
  •   •  Woman will always have the last word in the argument. And, if a man adds anything to it…that becomes the beginning of another argument. (Men start a conversation and women finish it).
  •   •  In case, if you are lost in a street and seek help from a woman to guide you, she will help you out by giving references via shops. Ask a man, he will direct you via pubs.
  •   •  Women love to talk and therefore they communicate more than required. They communicate more effectively than men, focusing on how to create solutions that helps out a group. They have the ability to understand non verbal cues like tone, empathy and emotion. Whereas men on the other hand are more task oriented and less talkative. Men have difficult time understanding emotions unless explicitly verbalized.
  •   •  Men use mobile phones strictly for communication purposes. A woman will spend the whole day with a friend and will still come home and talk to her for hours.
  •   •  In a group, most of the conversations amongst men will revolve around things like news, politics, events, jazzy cars, sports and gadgets. On the other hand, woman talk about jewelry and clothes that they do not have, books they never read, pets they do not have and TV shows they unnecessarily watch.
  •   •  Women do not need an occasion to dress up. They can dress up for anything and everything like, going to a restaurant, throwing the litter, going to the grocery shop and even for watering the plants in the rain. Surprisingly, men dress up only for three reasons- to meet an ex-girlfriend, for a wedding and a funeral.
  •   •  Many women have this calendar gene present in them. Ask a woman about the first time she met her first love. She will give a chronological data of the entire episode, like- the date of the meeting, the colour of the dress she wore, the exact time they met and what did the guy say to her. And, if you ask this question to a guy, he will say…” it was such a waste of money mate, the girl did not allow even to hold her hand”.
  •   •  In a one week vacation, men will carry just one bag. Women will take a large suitcase, 2 carry-ons and one make up bag.
  •   •  Seek an explanation from a man for anything and he will finish it in a sentence. Ask, a woman she will talk in paragraphs.
  •   •  Tell a woman that you purchased a new car and she will ask you the colour. Tell a man the same thing and he will ask…what sort it is.
  •   •  A woman worries about her future, till she gets a husband. A man never worries until he gets a wife.
  •   •  A woman marries a man, thinking that he will change. And, men marry women considering that she will not change, and she does.
  •   •  Tell a woman that you took a trip to Moon, she will ask ‘whom did you go along with” and if you tell this to a man he will ask…do woman wear clothes there ;)

Well, the list is simply endless and it goes on and on. If you have got something funny to share, please let us know. Actually, woman being so different from men is one of the fantastic things to have happened on earth.

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