GEMINI: May 21 – June 20

Your element: Air
Your ruling planets: Mercury
Symbol: The Twins
Your stone: Aquamarine
Life Pursuit: To explore a little bit of everything.
Vibration: Intense mental energy
Gemini’s Secret Desire: To be ahead of the crowd

Gemini is all about intelligence and communication. You’re born under this sign and have a talent for and love using your minds and expressing yourself fully. As a Gemini, you are a bower bird, mentally, and take an interest in all sorts of different things. Anything that gets your mind ticking over will grab you. You constantly try to challenge your mental abilities and will make extra efforts to understand anything you put your mind to.

22-08-2014 to 05-09-2014

Gemini- The great part about your overall chart is the growing state of “cool, calm & collected” energy that allows your razor sharp reasoning abilities to really shine through… When your mind is relaxed, there is nothing that will get past you… (at least for long that is)… With Jupiter/Venus aligned in your 3rd House (the natural home for Gemini) others find you a complete pleasure to be with… This is the kind of vibe that can transform your relationships with others… Nice!!

You’ll like this weekly energy because it brings out the playful & creative elements of your nature… A terrific time for any issues relating to love & romance too… But this is also when others look to you for leadership, guidance and answers… This is when the universe asks you to rise up to a higher level of power & authority so you can lead by example… The weekend schedule looks very active, so do not allow yourself to get rushed or hurried… Take your time & relax!!