Get that gorgeous summer tan. If not, fake it.

tannedskinCurrent temperatures notwithstanding, the preparations for summer have begun in all earnestness. Sure, the chill hasn’t yet left the air and the promise of rain looms overhead incessantly but what is it that they say about the powers of positive thinking? If one person’s positive thoughts can make a difference, imagine what an entire country waiting for bright sunshine can do. There’s no harm in being a little optimistic. If thoughts of rain can make our moods gloomy, the thoughts of summer may just as well have the exact opposite effect.

Think summer, think beautiful sun-kissed beaches, swaying palms, exotic drinks, barely there bikinis and of course, silky, golden skin. If you are planning to spend your summers abroad in some Mediterranean or Caribbean islands, you can find all this and more. However, if your summer of 2012 is likely to be spent in England, you’d have to make do with imaginary palms and a fake tan.

Till recently, I shied away from playing with tanning sprays as the Orangutan colour is definitely not the skin-tone of my choice. But all that was till I discovered the foolproof way of using tanning products.

Here’s what to do for gorgeous, summery skin-tone that looks like you have just come back from a vacation when you really cannot go for one:

  • The night before your big tanning date, give your entire body a thorough exfoliation and hydrate it with a good moisturiser. On the day of tanning, just concentrate on the drier areas like elbows, knees etc. The overall smoothness of your skin ensures patch-free and fluid tanning.
  • To avoid streaking, refrain from rubbing in your tanning product too much. All you need to do is pat the product all over and gently smooth it. The product itself will take care of the rest.
  • If you have opted for tanning in the past, you’d know that the tan on the face wears off quicker than the tan on the rest of the body. Use products like Everyday Gradual Tan for Face by St Tropez to keep depositing a gradual tan and to ensure your face and your body look similar.
  • Use latex gloves to avoid tanning your palms
  • If you find reaching every part of your back a bother and worry that you’ll end up with a patchy back, rotate your applicator so that the spongy part is on the back of your hand. It is much easier to reach the hard and difficult parts of your back with the back of your hand than with your palm.


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