Give your children the invaluable gift of confidence

confident children(1)Childhood – the phase of life that we, as adults, are most nostalgic about. Reminiscing about the good old days of childhood is a favourite past time of many. The older we grow, the more we miss our childhood days. One of the reasons for this could be that with age, we tend to forget the hardships we encountered while growing up.

Sure, childhood definitely is one of the most beautiful phases of our lives. In that stage, we are yet to be marred by disappointment and heartbreak, our illusions of an ideal world are yet to be broken and we are still unaware of the vagaries of existentialism. No wonder, as children, we are able to enjoy things and people for what/who they are without attaching any unnecessary expectations to them.

However, childhood is no cakewalk either.

Issues unresolved in childhood can fester into major problems that plague people till their very ends. Just as children drink in simple joys, they are also drowned by simple problems. If such issues are unrecognised and not attended to, children facing them can grow up with serious complexes.

This is where parents need to step in. In moments like this, the biggest gift a parent can give his child is the gift of confidence.

Unfortunately, it is much easier said than done. It isn’t easy to pass on confidence to anyone, let alone a bullied child or one who thinks Maths is the biggest enemy there exists. Especially if the parents themselves do not display strong and confident characteristics, it is difficult to make the children feel so.

But it always helps to make your child feel loved and protected. There is nothing as tragic as a lonely childhood. Even if you know that your children are aware of your love for them, make it a point to say ‘I love you’ to them every day, anyway.

Although it is a good practice to let children deal with their problems alone and come up with solutions, parents need to let them know that they have got their backs, should they need a fall back option. During childhood, there is nothing more reassuring than knowing you can rely on your parents anytime you need.

Unless children feel 100% safe and secure in their home environments, know they are loved unconditionally, are sure someone back home is waiting to hear them out and offers solutions if need be, one cannot expect them to be confident individuals.

And when being happy at home too isn’t helping, parents should not shy away from getting help from outside. Children come first.

One thought on “Give your children the invaluable gift of confidence

  1. Confidence is the magic mantra which we can install in our kids brains via responsible parenting and regular counselling stuffed with love & care every six months. This gives them the inner power to tackle the problems by themselves or by discussing with their parents.

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