Give your heart a break – Get over the Heartbreak

HeartbreakHeartbreak – it has inspired generations of poets and songwriters to pen ballads, epic love poems, pop songs or even angst-ridden rock numbers. In the recently concluded Grammy awards Adele scooped up 6 awards for her gut-wrenching heartbreak songs, proving that this is one emotion that continues to stir something inexplicable inside us all.
Anyone who has gone through heartbreak of any sort, be it an estrangement from a lover or the death of a family member or pet, knows that the feeling is as much physical as it is emotional. Recent studies have shown that when one is going through heartbreak, the left ventricle of the heart is actually getting affected which counts for the physical pain we feel.

Clinically speaking, this condition is now classified as the Heart Break Syndrome (HBS).

Things, however, are not all grim.

The damage that we cause to our left ventricle obsessing over a loved one who has left us is, fortunately, reversible. And that is what makes heartbreak such an intense yet interesting emotion – no matter how bad it hurts; we always find a way to get over it. For some of us, it might take longer than usual but eventually, most of us (those who are psychologically imbalanced are an exception) move on to better things in life.

Though deep down, we all know we will find a way to get through this and even end up in a healthier and more loving relationship, this knowledge is no consolation when we are in the throes of a broken heart. While prevention and protection are definitely smarter than trying to mend a broken heart, there are a few things we can do to ease the pain –

• Cry it out – This is a heartbreak remedy that each generation hands down to the one succeeding it. If it hurts, talk about it to a trusted few and do not be embarrassed to shed a few tears.

• Don’t hold on to souvenirs – The old T-shirt that still smells faintly of him? The framed picture she got you for your 2nd anniversary? Get rid of them, ASAP. When you are trying to move on, you don’t need physical reminders.

• Remind yourself why it ended – Whether you just dumped your lover or got dumped, there is a good reason why the relationship did not work out. Don’t be blinded by emotions and forget that.

• Have a good support system – Much as you feel like staying under your tear-soaked duvet for days, make sure to go out, meet your good friends and stay busy.

• Feel it – It might sound ironical but the more one tries not to feel the pain, the longer it haunts us. So, if you are going through heartbreak, do not pretend to be alright. At times, it’s okay not to be okay.

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