Go, bag the perfect bag!

MJtoteHandbags have a special place in our closets and more so, in our hearts. There is hardly any accessory that is as indispensable as the handbags. After all, how many other accessories can boast of being a major fashion statement as well as a utility instrument at the same time? Every celebrity worth her salt knows the worth of a good hand bag. Being seen with the right one can shoot up your popularity through the roof.

However, one wrong choice can see the same celebrity crashing down from popularity at a speed that is likely to leave many bruises and scars – most of which will be remembered until a great bag is seen hanging from her hands.

Had handbags not been so important, there wouldn’t have been a six year wait for a Hermes Birkin, the longest ever in history! While we all covet Marc Jacobs, LV, Burberry, Fendi, Yves Saint Laurent and Prada bags, the designer label is not always a guarantee that you will be appreciated. Before you go ruining your manicure scratching your head, here’s golden advice for you: Keep your body type in mind before opting for a bag!

You heard me right! Whether you are skinny or voluptuous, athletic or petite has a lot to do with the style of the bag that you ought to carry. Just like your body type determines the cut of clothes you wear, it also determines what kind of bag you should carry.

This isn’t to stay that you should be seen with only one shape but more importantly, it’s a guide to highlight what does NOT work for your body type, no matter how many thousand pounds you shell out for it.

Big Busted: So you are well endowed in that department? Good for you. Just don’t carry bags with small handles that end right next to the twins, unless you like want magnified focus there. Choose bags with longer handles.

Small bust: So you are not as well endowed there. Well, fret not. Carry a bag with short handles, finishing right there to create an illusion and to get people thinking you are heavier there than you actually are.

Waist: Bags ending on the upper end of your torso are also good for women with broad waists. You don’t want a bag to end in your middle and highlight the bulges, do you?

Legs: Long legged lasses carrying long strapped bags that end somewhere in the upper thigh area or anywhere lower can look very awkward. Make the most of your long legs and carry a messenger bag that ends no lower than your hips.

If you aren’t very tall, stay away from over-sized totes or slouchy bags that add pounds and subtract (vertical) inches.

These rules apply for designer as well as high street bags!

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