Go easy on the beauty buck

BeautyProductsEnd up spending much on cosmetics every month? Not only are you adding to your cosmetic carbon footprint, you are also denting your reserves and thus, denying yourself something indulgent like an overseas holiday in the long run. With cosmetic companies and beauty brands introducing new, lust-worthy goodies ever so often, one cannot help sampling them too. So, what’s a girl supposed to do? Beauty bloggers across the world have come up with a number of other ways to cut back.

Here are a few such tips:

Substitute staples with effective, out of the box options: Sure, dry shampoos are godsend when you urgently need to get the grime out of your hair but do not have the luxury of shampooing it the traditional way. However, they are pretty expensive. Reach out for mild, cheap but very effective baby powder instead. Use a good bristle brush to eliminate excess and to do away with white patches

Don’t throw away broken compacts: If your compact has broken into a few pieces, put them all together in an airtight container and give it a good shake. Alternatively, use a clean finger to press it into a powdery state and use it as lose powder.

Squeeze out the last drop: Yes, cut open tubes and use your finger to scoop out the last gooey dollop of your favourite cream or conditioner. You have paid for it; there is no reason why you should feel embarrassed to do it. Often, we throw away tubes which still have around two uses of the product.

Chill it: Expensive perfumes fading away whilst sitting on our dressing tables is heartbreaking. Push your butter, cheeses and juices and make some space for your favourite scents in the fridge. Watch them last much longer.

Raid discount shops scouring for the best deals in town: The same applies to online portals too. Do your research, compare prices. Even if it’s a matter of a few pounds, it all adds up.

Trim your bangs to trim your expenses: If your hairstyle is one that involves bangs and you want to maintain them, you are in for expensive visits to the salon every few weeks. Salons charge quite much to trim off that extra cm or two and you come out feeling unhappy and grumbling about the unfairness. Get yourself a pair of good scissors and snip your own bangs. Tip: Cut your bangs dry and keep the scissors vertical.

Go mini: The shelf life of cosmetics is usually pretty low. Also, trends in lipsticks and nail polishes change before you can go through the entire contents of a big bottle. Invest in mini, travel-sized options instead.

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