Good News for all U chocoholics

chocogolicCHOCOLATES – the first reaction on hearing this word is yyuuummm! We tend to get carried away and lost in dreams of our own chocoworld which has different varieties, mouth watering and tasty chocolates. Don’t we?

There are loads of different flavours of chocolates available – dark, milk and white are few of them. However, it is proved that out of these – Dark chocolates are the best. There has been loads of debate whether eating chocolates is good for health or not. Well chocolates have their own pros and cons. But hey – who cares isn’t it?

Few of the benefits of eating chocolates are:

  • It decreases Blood Pressure
  • It smoothens the blood flow which in turn increases the amount of blood flow in brain reducing the risk of heart attacks.
  • It works as a good stress buster
  • It reduces the chances of diabetes

Having said the above things let’s talk about what the scientists at biotechnology firm Lycotec in UK have to say. They claim that eating their modified form of chocolate could slow down aging. Now this is something interesting which we would love to know more about. Rite? Well hold your horses while we decode this for you.

They have developed an ingredient called – Coco-Lycosome to prepare this modified chocolate. This boosted the power of cocoa flavanols up by 20 times when compared to unmodified chocolates.  It is believed that one of the essential factors to control the ageing process is to have better oxygen supply and cocoa flavanols are the molecules which improves skin oxygenation. One more important thing to make a note – this modified chocolate has the same yummy taste too.

Hope they can transform this modified chocolate into an anti-aging wonder drug. Wink wink!

After reading this, one should definitely go have a chocolate bar lol!

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