Guaranteed win for all at Bingo3X

Guaranteed win for all at Bingo3X

Wahey fellas! I’m very excited to break this news to you. Here’s a cracking deal for all our Bingo3X fans. If you missed out on this oh-so-fabulous promotion last time, here’s your chance to be a part of the promotion all over AGAIN!

This promotion is fun and generous. Not just because of the £2,500 prize pool, but because EVERYBODY’S A SURE WINNER! Yup. You’ve read it right. Now that doesn’t happen much often in a game of bingo. But as I said we at Bingo3X are pretty generous. We just love to spoil you rotten.

The monthly promotion ‘Sure Win’ is slated for 15th August at 20:00 hours. For those who don’t know much about the promotion, here’s a quick rundown. As mentioned earlier £2,500 is up for grabs! Tickets are priced at 1p apiece. With every 12 tickets purchased, I will give you another 10 tickets absolutely free. Each player can cap a maximum of 96 tickets.

Here’s how much you can win :

  • 1 line wins £400
  • 2 lines wins £600
  • Full House wins £1,000

You’ve got absolutely nothing to loose eh! Blimey. I almost forgot to mention how everybody is a sure winner. This is the best part. The remaining £500 will be divvied up among the remaining players based on number of paid tickets between non-winning players.

So make sure you grab your tickets now, before time runs out. And remember you don’t really need Lady Luck by your side when we are giving you a guaranteed win. This time no one’s going empty handed.

Have fun playing at Bingo3X!

Bravos XX

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