Gwyneth the superhero of fashion

gwyneth paltrowImagine a superhero without a cape. Just not happening, right? Okay, Spiderman doesn’t sport one but that’s because he is more boy than man. The real dudes go around fighting crime in their tailor-made form-fitting suits, with that trademark cape flying high. Every time terror strikes, the sight of the Caped Crusader atop a tall building is such a reassuring sight, at least for the inhabitants of Gotham City. For the rest of us, Gwyneth Paltrow’s caped look during the recently concluded Oscars was a welcome change from the shoulder and décolletage baring gowns that the other ladies have been sporting endlessly for decades.

Gwyneth Paltrow is the thinking woman’s style icon. Instead of blindly following the trend reports of the season and opting for a bright-hued or metal-toned gown, Paltrow decided to grace the occasion in a pristine white Tom Ford gown and covered herself in a white cape. It was quite a risk to be seen wearing a white gown to an occasion where the glare is more blinding than the hot summer sun. Also, with her platinum blond hair, she ran the risk of looking washed out like one of those ‘vegetarian’ vampires from you-know-which-movie. Instead, when Gwyneth Paltrow stepped on the prestigious carpet that day, there was a collective gasp! The fash frat sat up straight and the shutterbugs went on a tizzy. In her minimal accessories and clean hairdo, Paltrow looked every bit the show stealer!

It was designer Tom Form who had complained about the way celebrities dressed up on the red carpet, lamenting that no one wants to take any risks anymore. What could be more heart warming than the iconic Paltrow choosing to take a risk with a Tom Ford dress itself, especially since the risk was such a thumping success? The actress said that she was inspired. “I thought, ‘it’s a little different but it’s sort of a throwback.’ I saw a pic of Jackie O in a white dress with a cape and it’s been a while since anyone’s worn a cape, frankly, except for Superman,” she quipped.

Gwyneth Paltrow has now established herself as the fashion superhero of the year. Not surprisingly then, a few other celebs have been seen following suit, walking around with the cape thrown around their shoulders. Will this trend catch up with the high street? Time will tell.

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