Hairstyle and the long and short of it

anneshorthairWe do make a lot of fuss about haircuts, don’t we?  There are more rules regarding haircuts than probably there are regarding how people should conduct themselves in public. From your hair type to your figure to your face cut to your job profile to even your city, everything seems to have a bearing on the length of hair that you want to sport.  I can understand the bit about hair type and face cut but who wants to live with so many rules? Certainly not me and nor the gorgeous Anne Hathaway!

Anne Hathaway has recently been spotted sporting a über short style which she is said to have acquired for the role of Fantine in the forthcoming adaptation of Les Miserables. I loved her cropped wig in the movie One Day but her latest style takes short hair to a completely different level. And I salute the spirit of the woman! So what if the world is divided in its opinion about her new hairdo? She has enough panache to carry it off with aplomb.

In her own words, “I’m just so pleased with how I look, so I now quite like having short hair.” I really admire Anne Hathaway for having the courage and conviction to go so close crop and not sticking to the conventional styles that a classic beauty like her is expected to wear.

Come on girls, have some fun! Like all other rules, the ones concerned with hairstyle are meant to be stuffed inside empty bottles which should then be corked tightly and flung into the deep ocean. And its hair length that we are talking about, after all. Whether you like it or not, it will grow back. Don’t let such diktats dictate how long or short should you wear the hair atop your head. As long as you have healthy hair, it doesn’t really matter what length it is. I am off to get something very Audrey Tautou. Have a risqué haircut in mind? Go for it, I say!

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