Healthy and yum post-workout snacks you’d love

chocolatemilkHunger strikes one hardest after a heavy romp in the gym. By the time I have finished my cardio-weights-cardio regime and done some of the cool down stretches, I am usually famished and willing to put anything edible and filling in my mouth. But, the thoughts of undoing the goodness that my sweaty workout in the gym has done by eating something starchy and calorie rich stops me from reaching out for the bag of crisps.

I have been reading up a lot to find that perfect post-workout snack and as luck would have it, I have found not one but five of them. High in protein, calcium and fibre, these snacks would satiate your hunger without ruining your diet. Take your pick.

  • Chocolate Milk – Calcium-rich milk and antioxidants-rich dark chocolate come together to offer not just a healthy but lip-licking good snack, perfect to help your muscles recover after a heavy workout.
  • Greek Yogurt – One of the yummiest and healthiest dairy offering. Add some fruits or berries to add to the goodness of it.
  • Peanut Butter – Protein rich peanut butter is great with fruits (try it with green apples), bread or crackers. Personally, I prefer having crunchy peanut butter straight out of the jar.
  • Eggs – The poor egg gets a lot of flak for being high in cholesterol but a hard-boiled egg not only replenishes protein, it is quite low in calories too.
  • Nuts – Easy to carry and super healthy, you don’t even have to reach home to snack on them. Mix and match different types for wholesome nutrition.

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