Here’s to healthy, frizz-free hair

sleek hairWhenever I pick up a magazine, I have to go through it twice. First time around, I am only looking at the models’ hairstyles. I do that from cover to cover before I start again at the first page to begin concentrating on the text and other things. That’s because nothing attracts me like sleek hair. It’s true, the first sign of good grooming indeed is healthy, shiny hair. Remember Princess Diaries? Remember how the frumpy school-girl with coarse, wilder-than-wildly-growing-rose-shrub hair transforms into princess material with super sleek hair?

In my book, you can be excused for not wearing the right shade of lipstick or God forbid, even for wearing mismatched shoes if you have the panache to carry it off with an edge. If you have unruly hair, however, the story pans out slightly differently.

What causes frizz? While Anne Hathaway’s hair in the aforementioned movie was something else altogether, generally, it is humidity that causes those unsightly fly-aways. It isn’t enough to wash and condition your hair. If frizz has to be tamed, extra measures has to be brought into the hair care regime. Here’s what can be done to tackle disobedient hair and make it dance to your tunes:

Hydrate – Contradictory advice, you think? How can humidity-affected hair need hydration? Well, it just does! By the look of it, one can tell that frizzy hair is dry and needs moisture. The lack of fatty acids in such hair renders it unable to retain moisture which is why it needs more than just conditioner. Oil-based leave in products are your best bet. Make sure to apply them when you are still in your steamy bathroom and your hair is damp.

Feed – A homemade ripe mashed banana and honey hair pack does wonders, just as an avocado mixed with olive oil pack does. Let it sit for 20-30 minutes, wash and condition as usual and say hello to silky strands.

Dry – Too pressed for time for a complete blowout? If you are the wash and go kind of girl, it should not surprise you to reach wherever you are so urgently headed with a head full of unmanageable hair. The least you can do is apply either your oil-based smoothing serum or mousse right after the shower and let it air dry till you get dressed. Next, take a paddle brush and run through your semi-dry hair just before you exit. Make sure to be gentle. Paddle brushes reduce static and will keep your hair as smooth as is possible without a complete blow dry.

Pamper – Go to a salon, kick back, relax and enjoy a smoothing treatment. Not willing to burn a big hole in your pocket? Try the professional range of frizz-free products available at salons for a DIY treatment at half the cost.

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