Hop aboard to the £20,000 Xmas Sleigh Frenzy

Hop aboard to the £20,000 Xmas Sleigh Frenzy

This Christmas there’s something special in the pipeline for all our lovely roomies. Before Crimbo fever hits us and the competition gets fierce, we’ve got a great deal for all you bingo lovers out there. I know it’s way too early to be thinking about Christmas, but this time we’ve got an irresistible deal for you. Prepare to plan your games ahead of time and win a neat stash of cash worth 20,000.

Yes, the big £20,000 Xmas Sleigh is here! Start pre-buying your tickets before the prices go up! There will be 20 games played which can fetch you a stonking £1,000 each. We are giving early bird discounts to all our players to play for the big jackpot game in the yuletide season.

Buy your multi-passes for just £5. Every multi-pass includes 1 ticket to each of the 20 games. But make sure you hurry up because the sale ends on 16th November. The fun begins continues from 1st December right up until 20th December at 8:00pm everyday.

Things are getting hotter by the minute at Bingo3X. Seems like it’s hard to pass up an offer like this. Snap those tickets before time runs out. Clock is ticking!

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