How important are the younger generation to sustain bingo?

How important are the younger generation to sustain bingo

Bingo in UK is immensely popular. Though people of all age groups can play bingo, it is however, known to be the realm of old people. Bingo halls are extremely popular in UK. Players visit these places to enjoy the company of their peers and indulge in some frolic and entertainment.

Sadly time is changing. Bingo culture is undergoing a process of reinvention. All this commenced with a number of legal setbacks back in the year 2007. UK government implanted a law that banned smoking in all public places. This included bingo halls as well. This was a huge blow to the bingo industry.

Besides the smoking ban, modernity has lost the traditional bingo appeal. For instance, bingo halls utilized bright, colourful balls for drawing numbers. Today there are Random Number Generators that takes care of this task. In fact drawing out bingo balls has become indispensable lately. Also announcing humorous quips and nicknames for certain numbers has become redundant. Today, modern bingo callers use monotone voices with no humour whatsoever while calling out numbers.

Expansion of online bingo, global recession, high tax rates and many more reasons are dwindling the traditional bingo halls. By the mid- 2000s this started and ever since the number of bingo halls has been decreasing sharply. In fact, last year 17 bingo halls closed down.

But there is always a silver lining. Since old people now are not playing their favorite pass time game, the younger generation is trying to fill in the gaps left behind by the older generation.

Bingo owners are adapting to these new changes. In fact there are halls where players can get their own drinks. There are also many bingo halls that stopped using daubers, and focus more on the social aspect than just making money. Bingo culture today has new social dynamics that was lacking previously. Today it’s more lively, fun and outgoing.

Hopefully, the youths today will be able to save the dying bingo industry in days to come. What do you think?

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