How to be a Super Mom?

How to be a Super MomBeing called a Super Mom really makes one feel nice, however is it easy to be one? Well, I have not become one, however I have spent time with some of real good Super Moms, so I know how to go about it when I become one.

How would you define a Mom? A woman, who unconditionally takes the responsibility to nurture the well being of her kids! The woman who successfully manages to do it amidst the daily chaos in her life that includes balancing the household work and career are the successful Super Moms. Some of them are even single Moms.

Trying to be a Super Mom, one might have to undergo a lot of physical and emotional stress related conditions. The ones who manage to succeed in such situations excel to be Super Moms. Actually, personality plays a very important role in bringing forth the Super Mom quality in a woman. We all have it in us, it’s just that we need to bring it out. Moving ahead to be one, you just have to keep in a mind a few things.

  • Take care of yourself: To be the frontrunner, the first thing you need to do is to take care of yourself and be happy. Only if you are happy, can you make the others around you happy. You have to be the role model to your kids. Therefore, you have to be at your best in front of them. You got to show them that you are a positive, happy and fulfilled woman who can take full charge of her life too well. And, for all this every morning when you get up in the morning, you got to tell yourself- First Me!
  • Be Loving and Firm: Loving you certainly will be, as that is an unconditional feeling in all Moms. However, you have to balance your love, affection with a sense of discipline. You cannot live up to every demand that they have, Of course, they are the center of Universe for you but that does not mean you will support them for the wrong things. Recognize their talents and reward them for showing any out of the ordinary show.
  • Protect your Family: The best gift a Mom can give to her child is a Happy Family. There is no use of you staying with a man who does not keep you happy or sets a bad example of Dad in front of their kids. In this way, you are not doing well to your kids. It is better to stay separate, so that you can give your kids a good life. And, if you share a good relationship then make sure you love your husband whole-heartedly as that sets a good example in front of your kids.
  • Take Help when required: Being a Super Mom does not mean that you struggle to do every bit yourself. Delegate work! Even if you manage just household stuff that does not mean you have to become a slave and work. Make your husband also to do a bit of the household chores. You do not have to be a one woman show.

Live life of your own- have friends, party, shop, participate in activities and go for outings. Do not bottle up feelings, share it with someone who cares and understands.

  • Allow your kid to live a life of their own: Do not try and fulfill your dreams through your children. They have a life of their own and they cannot the extra baggage that you would want to load on them. Do not put the pressure on them to achieve things that you could not achieve either. You certainly will know the best for them – but you also need to focus on what they feel is the best for them. Unless and until they do not off track and do something wrong, support them for their dreams.

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