How to beat monotony and live fresh every single day!

PerfumeSpritzEver been in a situation where a mist of monotony seems to surround you wherever you go, whatever you do? Like an engulfing veil of muslin, this state of mind lets you see the other side but doesn’t allow you to gather the strength to walk over the divide and move into the side of happiness and contentment. In other words, it is a bad bout of  routine plus boredom that just refuses to go away despite your desperate efforts.

From physical to emotional, the reasons for a state like this are varied. Usual solutions like taking a walk in fresh air or listening to music no longer work. Just like the body gets used to an anti-biotic if used frequently over a period of time, it also gets used to our regular methods of coping with monotony, distress and unhappiness.

The key, then, lies in tweaking your life in small ways that cheats the mind and makes it believe big changes have been made. As a result, monotony gets shattered.

Weekend plans

More often than not, we start counting days to the next weekend as soon as Monday arrives. On other occasions, we have busy weeks that pass in a blur and give us no time to prepare or plan. As a result, we find ourselves doing impromptu things on the weekend. In the former situation, we feel lethargic throughout the week while in the latter case, we feel cheated. The way out is to assign an hour or so every Wednesday for weekend planning. This serves 2 purposes – a) beats the mid-week blues and b) helps us come up with a concrete plan for the weekend.

Energy levels – Soaring!

Get a new scent

We have all been told we need to have a signature scent that people can associate with us. Something distinctive but not overpowering, a whiff of which anywhere will make our friends and family members think of us. While it is a great way of making a statement, unfortunately, our minds also start associating the smell with the daily grind of life. In other words, with monotony. Get a new, light, fresh and peppy perfume with citrus or woody notes, preferably a sample sized or travel sized one. Wear it on days when you are feeling low.

Mess up your routine

Some things like office timings etc might be non-negotiable but that doesn’t mean everything else we do regularly should follow a pattern too. Used to working out in the evenings? Set your alarm earlier and go for a run or hit the gym in the morning instead. Eat oats for breakfast daily? Try a detox, liquid-only diet sometimes or have a cheat day where you eat muffins for breakfast.

Other things to play around with include picking your clothes the night before to avoid early morning stress, sleeping with the BlackBerry or the iPhone off, going to bed on a different time, installing a coloured light in your room etc.

With so much to do, there is no reason why life should become routine. Remember, everyday is the beginning of the rest of your life so, make the most of it.


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