How to Get Sparkling White Teeth Naturally?

  1.  How to Get Sparkling White Teeth Naturally
    1.  1.    Strawberry: It certainly tastes yummy. You have tried eating it but have you ever thought of rubbing it on your teeth? Well, the next time you get strawberries follow this simple technique. Actress Catherine Zeta Jones does it. You too can surely try. Make a strawberry paste and rub it all over your teeth. Keep the paste for nearly half an hour (don’t eat it!) and rinse it off. You will be taken aback by the results after few days. Try it if you don’t believe us.
    2.   2.   Vegetables: Apart from celery there are many more vegetables that cleanse your teeth. Carrot, broccoli, cucumber etc. Eating them raw helps in getting shiny, pearl white teeth you’ve always desired. They are good for your health and teeth as well.
    3.   3.   Water: Who says water is good only for health. It’s good for teeth as well. It keeps you hydrated all day long. Drinking water between alcoholic drink and while eating dark, pigmented food prevents your teeth from getting stained. So drink loads of water. Flush out the germs from your body and keep your teeth healthy and sparkling.
    4.   4.   Orange peel: Yes. That’s right. Rub the inside of the orange peel to get white teeth. You can also dry the orange peel and grind it. Use that powder on an everyday basis and see the results within few days.
    5.   5.   Fruits: It’s not only vegetables, but even fruits that are good for your teeth. And best of all is pears and apples. Chewing them increases secretion of saliva that helps keep teeth clean and white. Strawberries have already been mentioned earlier. So add a lot of fruits in your diet, starting today.
    6.   6.   Celery: Chewing celery is amazing for your teeth. They aid in dislodging plaque settle in your teeth, leaving them clean.
    7.   7.   Apple cider vinegar: This is one of the best ways to keep your teeth sparkling. Apple cider vinegar helps in removing stubborn stains from your teeth especially those stained by coffee and nicotine. And the steps to do it are very simple. Dip your toothbrush in apple cider vinegar and brush your teeth with it. You can also use it to gargle to keep your mouth fresh.
    8.   8.   Salt: Believe it or not, but salt is also a great way to get pearly white teeth. To get better results take a pinch of baking soda and mix it with salt and rub it on your teeth with your fingertips. They are a great teeth whitening ingredient. Do try it out!
    9.   9.   Say ‘NO’ to smoking and alcohol: Hard as it may seem, but you have to admit they stain our teeth. They are bad for our gums and teeth as well. They cause erosion of enamel and make teeth look yellowish. They also give bad breath. Thus, avoid smoking and alcohol as much as you can.

    So keep some of these things and mind. For sure you will get sparkling, pearly white teeth. Flaunt your beautiful smile with pride and grace!

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