I am so Clumsy!

I am so Clumsy!Why am I so clumsy! I just hate being like this. I trip frequently when I’m walking, get banged to the wall or the door and spill coffee on the table during an office meeting. It makes me feel incredibly frustrating.  So, many a times I try to be an extra cautious so that I do not mess up things. However, in vain, I end up doing so! Things were depressing that I miserably wanted a solution to it. I tried remaining indoors, stopped meeting people and at home I tried doing things to come over it.  I wondered if I was born with imbalances or is it genetics?

At home too, I tried doing things but also got some really clumsy results like while putting things in the fridge dropped them all over.  Goodness, gracious- I thought I would get mad!  Finally, I concluded saying myself that let go things at ease and just let things happen as it was happening. Either why I mess up things, so why worry about it. And, you know after that things got better for me.

The first thing is that forget you are clumsy. Let people laugh and ridicule you, it does not matter anyways.

The next step is do things taking your time. In the fast moving world, I know it’s actually impossible to be slow. However, if one is taking the first step towards overcoming clumsiness, one could spend a little time in doing their things. Clumsiness is actually a result of when people want to do things quickly. When you are spaced out, things can be done better. Just a little more focus on the task without anxiety can be done excellently.

A few tips how to overcome it:

  • Learn to grasp things: Take control of your holding. While holding something like a coffee mug, thermometer, medicine bottle or anything, try to hold it well. No one will snatch it, therefore hold it properly. Not to tight that it breaks also!
  • Think positive and control your thoughts: Clumsiness actually begins from the mind.  Therefore, you have to forget that you are clumsy; just put it out of your head. The more you concentrate on it, the more things will get worse. It’s all in our thoughts. If you are holding something delicate that you think might break- if you think then yes, it will break. So, be positive!
  • Know what you are doing: Know your job well before doing it. If you do not know how to do something say no, rather than suffering throughout in the situation. There is absolute no shame in not knowing something. Practicing things will also help.
  • Do not prepare advanced thoughts in your mind- Concentrate on the moment. Think of the activity that you are doing at that moment, rather than making plans for the next moment. As the saying goes- Live in the present!
  • Work on your hand-eye coordination- The best way to implement this is participating in physical activities like playing tennis, softball, badminton or any game that you like. Also, playing video games and board games can also help you out. Meditating can make you calm.

It’s not a one day process, therefore would take some time. But, yes you can overcome it, just a little bit of confidence and you are on the right track.

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