Ideas for a Hens Party: Give your Friend a Perfect Farewell

Ideas for a Hens Party Give your Friend a Perfect FarewellThe other day, my friend shared out this wonderful news of getting married shortly. Soon, she would be off in her own little world enjoying the moments and living the life she had always been dreaming of.

As friends we’ve indulged in some really crazy moments. We’ve messed around shamelessly and did stuff that one could just think off and not do it. In a few months from now, things will not be amidst us as it has always been. She would be busy handling her new life. And, to let her step into a new world in a fantastic manner, I thought of making the last few days of our indulgences absolutely memorable. In these three months, we would live some of the craziest moments of our life. Probably, I intend to make it an absolutely crazy time for her, so that going forth she cherishes these moments forever. You can call it a Hens party – a little long one.

Here are a few fantastic ideas for one to bid their friends a perfect farewell:  

Weekends are the only time when we can fix in our plans and get rid from our work. So, all the fun would be scheduled for a weekend. To begin it all, the celebration ought to start from a party after all got to hear the good news. So, first it is time to hit the disco and dance to your fullest. Dance as if you will not get the chance again to do so. You can go crazy dancing, drinking or even flirting with a nice guy that you see around for you will not get the chance to do so again.

Next, how about a short outdoor outing? Yes, this will help the bride to cut down her pre-marriage stresses. You can choose to go camping or maybe you could book a resort in the countryside where in you can spend some relaxing moments. You could even choose to drive and go or may be arrange a chauffeur driven one. Get proper information about the place you are visiting, so that later on you are not disheartened. If you try camping then there are some great options to try as well. You could check out for some good campsites and fix in for rental cabins or tents. Camping you get the opportunity to indulge in activities like swimming, canoeing, bush walking, horse riding and fishing.

A visit to the comedy club is a good idea as well. It is a fantastic recipe for hilarity. Book it in advance, probably a front row in the table.

Finally some pampering sessions! The bride definitely should look perfect…so choose a full service spa that offers everything like massages, mud wraps, manicures, makeovers etc. The session will be a perfect stress buster for the bride and she would love the new look for her wedding day.

The above sounds an excellent plan and certainly you would cherish these memories forever. So, I have decided to indulge in each of these activities (with my friend) mentioned above. How about you? :)

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