In the mesmerising company of some unforgettable books

girl reading stack of booksOf all the disturbing trends of the modern times (do I sound like granny or DO I sound like granny?); I find e-reading the most bizarre and senseless of them all!

To me, cupping a book in the hollows of my palms, looking through the pages hoping to find something precious but forgotten (provided you too, like me, shop for books from charity shops or from amazing Amazon’s 2nd hand collection), diving nose first into it to smell the years it has witnessed, feeling the texture of the cover are the real pleasures of reading.

Unfortunately, none of these can be experienced when you are using a Kindle or some other device like that. Going to Oxfam or British Heart Foundation or the pretty little charity shops neatly tucked into little alleys and finding something wonderful is the only thing that helps me fight a bad case of the blues.

When people ask me how many books have I read, I give them a blank stare. There can never be a concrete answer to that. Which is my favourite book? It’s hard to answer that question because there are nearly two dozen of them that I cannot imagine life without.

However, here’s my list of 3 of the most wonderful books I have read recently. Trust me, being able to hold them, feel them and take them to bed made reading them all the more pleasurable.

  • Oystercatchers – Ever since I read the Oystercatchers last year, nothing else has lived up to it. I am into the bad habit of comparing everything I read to this 2nd novel by young British writer, Susan Fletcher. If this isn’t the most lyrical, haunting book written in the present times, I don’t know what is.


  • Star Gazing – Blinded since birth and now a lonely widow in her forties, the life of the protagonist of this book has all the trapping of being unbearably gloomy or enchantingly beautiful. Author Linda Gillard chooses the latter. The result? A spell weaving book that leaves you spell bound! The heightened senses and the description of the beautiful Isle of Skye make this one of the most romantic books I have ever read. In one word, UNPUTDOWNABLE!


  • The Behaviour of Moths – One lonely spinster (and also a very successful lepidopterist) in her 60s awaits the return of her younger sister, one she hasn’t seen in 30 years. The former is a recluse who has been living in the crumbling family mansion that hides more than it tells. With the arrival of the sister, will their childhood abode soon become too crowded with their memories that are best forgotten? Gothic, atmospheric and hauntingly beautiful, this debut novel by Poppy Adams is one that I will never lend to anyone for the fear of losing it!


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