Is the beach good for me?

Is the beach good for me?Beach is one place that very few of us would be reluctant to make a visit. It is one of the most wonderful gifts that nature has bestowed upon us. Especially during the summer time, one feels great making a visit at the beach to indulge in some quality time. Going to the beach is not just about fun, but there are numerous health benefits associated to it as well. And, they are:

  • Walking Barefoot on the sand: One of the best things that I personally love about going to the beach is feeling the warm sand against my feet. There are 200,000 nerve endings on the soles of our feet. Walking barefoot stimulates these soles on the feet much more than in shoes. Walking barefoot on the sand, will make you feel the succession of blissful explosions on the bottom of your feet. Walking on the sand also helps to exfoliate the dead skin from the skin of your heels. At the same time, you also help in strengthening the muscles of your feet. Plus, you even come in direct contact with the earth. And, this is really important for your health. Connecting directly with the earth helps in giving a sufficient supply of electrons that further helps to support immune system and function at an optimal level.
  • Spend some time in the sea water: In the hot weather, there is nothing like feeling the cool, ocean water splashing against your skin. Plus, the ocean contains numerous minerals that is important for healing and detoxifying the body. Amongst all the minerals, iodine is one of the important minerals. Iodine helps the body to fight against infection and boosting the thyroid function. Magnesium is another important mineral that helps in calming the effect on our nerves. Therefore, swimming helps to decrease stress and increase the sense of well-being of most people. A nice long swim can help in improving conditions like psoriasis, arthritis and depression. Plus, you can also improve the appearance of your skin. Sea water improves the elasticity of your skin, ensuring improving the blood circulation of your body and that further helps in distributing blood to your various organs in your body.
  • Get some sun: Going out in the sun has become a controversial issue. A few health experts say that too much of sun can lead to skin cancer and other serious health conditions. Therefore, it is advisable to go out in the sun after applying a good amount of sunscreen lotion. However, on the other hand a few experts have said that a daily amount of exposure in the sun is required for a well being. When our skin is directly exposed to the sun, our body absorbs a good amount of Vitamin D that is vital for building strong bones. A good amount of it can be availed from diet and a good amount comes from the sun as well. Therefore, you got to judge accordingly as how much time you are spending in the sun and accordingly you can put on the protective clothing.

Hitting on the beach, you also get the wonderful opportunity to flaunt your curves or six-pack abs in your swimming costume. Girls have this wonderful opportunity to style in various ways. And, dressing up wull is an excellent stress buster. Go on and hit the beach soon!

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