Is Wearing Glasses a Style Statement as Well?

Is Wearing Glasses a Style Statement as WellYou would have heard the phrase that “Boys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses.” This statement was truly till the 1950’s, but as on today the phrase no longer is true. Especially, when we see some of the hottest celebrities in town wearing glasses, they definitely do state a remarkable style statement. Even though, if it’s the fake glasses that contain the non prescriptive clear lenses, you can still lay out a style statement by making the most of your glasses. Whether it is your reading glasses or you simply wish to wear it all the time, fake glasses can make you fit in a hipster crowd. I know, some of them do not like the idea of wearing glasses but there are a few tips to make this nerdy accessory look extremely good or may be make it your style statement.

  • Colour: These days, glasses are available in a lot many colours and styles that would actually make a person go absolutely crazy. Unlike the traditional basic black, there are a lot many options available for all. The options include metallic with a silver or gold frame, the classic chic with gray or brown. However, the best option is to get the colour that will make your eyes pop. Like, if you have hazel eyes, purple frames will highlight the green in your eyes. And, in case if you are unsure about the colour that may highlight your eyes. Then you can take a hint from the eye shadow palettes.
  • Pattern: When it comes to pattern, you will find a lot many. Yes, of course the most common one being the leopard print eyeglass frames that can go with any image. Browsing some eyeglass stores online and offline will give an idea about the different varieties. Tortoise shell is another classic pattern. This option is a good one as well, but you will have to up the style quotient by getting the tortoise shell frames in an unusual shape.
  • Shape: Shape of the eyeglass, is a study that you will have to do it all by yourself. And, this depends entirely upon your face shape. Five minutes of internet search will help you determine your face shape. It could be oval, heart shaped, round, diamond, square or triangle. And, an additional 5 minutes research will help you determine the pair of frames that will match with your face shape.
  • Eyeglass accessories: The eyeglass accessory is nothing but the eyeglass case. This item is mostly overlooked but you certainly need to look chic while pulling out the glasses from your case. You can always keep it in a bright neon colour emblazoned with a designer logo or the one covered with Swarovski crystals. At times, you might feel, as who bothers to see your eye glass case. Well, you got to pay a bit of extra attention to it all. Splurge a little and get an eyeglass case that will make you feel all elegant and chic when you pull out your glasses. And, of course there would be even compliments following it.

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