Julie Simpson and Tara Gamble the Top Fans this month

top fansThere is yet another colourful feather on the Bingo3X hat. Yes, giving players something extra to look forward to and even more reasons to be a part of our Facebook community, we at Bingo3X have introduced a new Facebook feature which we call the ‘Top Fans’ feature. As is clear from the feature’s title, the top fans of the site’s Facebook community will be rewarded for their loyalty and their involvement with the site every month!

So, what does it take to be a Bingo3X Facebook Top Fan? Ask Julie Simpson and Tara Gamble, the two lovely ladies who have walked away with the top honours for the month of June, which was also the first month of this brand new feature. Every month, 3 players will be crowned the Top Fans of the Bingo3X Facebook fan page. So be involved with the site and you stand a good chance of being the winner of this feature.

Take a look at the Bingo3X page and you will understand why some of the players are so closely involved with the site. With interesting trivia, inspiring quotes and engaging daily contests, the Bingo3X fan page is one of the liveliest online bingo pages on Facebook. So whether you ‘like’ posts and pictures, comment on them, take part in the contests or just chit-chat with other users or even the mascots, everything you do at Bingo3X takes you a step closer to the Top Fans prize!

This month’s winners Julie Simpson and Tara Gamble have both won amazing Amazon vouchers worth £15 each. What’s the prize going to be next month? Will it be £15 or something else? Get actively involved with Bingo3X Facebook to find out. One thing is for certain, things will ONLY get hotter!

2 thoughts on “Julie Simpson and Tara Gamble the Top Fans this month

  1. hi ty so much Bingo3x for the Top Fan prize, i love chatting and having a laugh with bingo3x and the 3 amigos chase,bravos and nj simon. i do play on other sites but this is the only site i chat and enter comps with, and they are the the best site on the web xx

  2. Thanks so much again, what an unexpected surprise. I never knew that by simply commenting and liking the wonderful statuses and games that are played on fb would earn me £15. I have now bought my little girl some cd’s to for her birthday. Yay again xxxxx Happy Playing :)

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