Kitchen Confidential – 10 amazing handy tips

kitchen tipsVery few places in the world are as comforting as the kitchen of one’s own. While hope simmers in one pot, promises and dreams come together to make a heady, happy brew in another. Since time immemorial, the kitchen has been considered the heart of a household, a place where all members of the family gather after a long day. As the saying goes, families that eat together, stick together. It won’t be wrong to call food an emotional adhesive which is why a kitchen is viewed as one of the most important statuses of a household.

The state of a kitchen tells us the story of the family. A neglected kitchen, one that is in shambles and in a state of disrepair, is one that belongs to a family that is sub consciously calling out for help. Have things in your kitchen fallen to that level? Here are ten tricks to maintain the kitchen in absolute ship-shape condition:

  • Got a knick that won’t stop bleeding? Take a wad of cotton, dab it in honey and press it on the cut. Voila, no more bleeding!
  • Pouring milk from a jug is never a mess-free affair as there is always a little that escapes and trickles. Not anymore. Dab the mouth of the jug with butter or margarine and watch it flow out smooth
  • To rid your hands off the smelly garlic or onions, rub them over anything metallic, be it a spoon or the faucet. The metal will absorb the smell and your hands will be free of the pungent odour
  • Ended up making your curry or soup a tad too salty? Don’t add water and dilute the other ingredients. Instead, drop a piece of peeled potato
  • Cracking an egg for an omelette? Use the hard surface of the slab instead of the edge of a bowl or pan. Smoother action guaranteed
  • To sharpen your kitchen scissors, take a piece of aluminium foil, fold it 4 times and cut through it half a dozen times. Scissors will be sharp as new
  • Never place a bunch of bananas together or even with other fruits. Separate them before storing. Bananas release gases that ripen other fruits (bananas included)
  • About to throw the leftover water from boiling potatoes or pasta? Hang on, let it cool down and use it to water house plants and watch them grow
  • If you managed to splutter hot oil on yourself, reach for the toothpaste before reaching for water. It ensures scar-free healing

If you accidentally burned your gravy, transfer it to another pan and keep cooking. If it is rice that got burned, put a piece of white bread on top of the burned rice for 5-10minutes. It will absorb the smell. While serving, make sure not to scrape the charred bits

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