Kristen Stewart – From Tomboy to Va-Va-Voom

KstewIs Kristen Stewart finally coming of age? We are so used to seeing her I-am-a-rebel-look-at-me tomboy acts on the red carpet or her huh-I-am-so-stoned-and-dazed-huh look while she is photographed on the streets with her sparkly arm candy that it actually took us a while to register that this gorgeous, sophisticated woman promoting Snow White and the Huntsman is actually the same babe!


At the Berlin photocall for the edgy fairytale, Ms Stewart (she deserves a little respect now) looked so grown up and ladylike that she threw us off our seats. And when we regained our senses, we all did a victory jig and embraced each other as finally, this habitual offender has paid heed to the fashion police and discarded her tattered denims and worn out Converse sneakers, at least for a publicity event. Kristen has finally woken up to the fact that t-shirts and holey jeans are best worn when cleaning the backyard or something like that. For red carpet events, its best to stick to something classier. Like the 10 Crosby by Derek Lam plaid dress and Louboutin pumps she wore at the Berlin event.


Perhaps Kristen really is really taking the growing up ladylike part quite seriously as she was also seen wearing an exquisite Balmain pearl and rhinestone studded bustier and pencil skirt (seen in the pic) while promoting the same movie in Australia. She also seems to have taken a liking for Louboutin pumps and we approve wholeheartedly. She paired this outfit with edgy makeup and hair updo, taking the likeability of the entire look many notches higher and adding her personal grungy touch to the look. Do we smell a fashionista in the making? Probably but it’s still early days. Let’s all cross our digits!


PS – Wish both the dresses were just a few wee inches shorter!

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