Ladies, it’s time to gear up for the big Chase!

It’s been over 2 months since Bingo3X came into the online bingo scene of the UK and if you have been tracking its progress closely, you’d have noted that this site really is a far cry from the bunch of other sites that were launched around the same time or even the others which have been around for a while now.

Bingo3X promised to be fun and it sure didn’t disappoint. What’s best, it’s definitely not run of the mill. The launch of the site saw it reinventing the trend of welcome bonuses as unlike other sites, Bingo3X did not just stop at giving away a bonus on the first deposit. It also gave free Amazon vouchers as well as free tickets to an exclusive £1500 lucky draw. Later, Bingo3X also introduced Bonus Booster, a Facebook app that boosts one’s playing bonus like no other.

The latest from our exciting online bingo site is this – Chase!

Chase? Yes, Chase – The Lady Charger. Who, what, where, do I hear you ask? Well, patience is definitely a virtue. And the eye to spot a good thing is an even bigger virtue. So, keep an eye out for him. I won’t spill the beans yet but here’s me, dropping a few hints for you –

  • He is a total charmer
  • You will meet him soon
  • Blue is his thing
  • He is full of wisecracks
  • He is your soon-to-be life coach


Who is Chase? Find out soon, only at Bingo3X!

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