Let Go, Give Life a Chance Again!

Bingo3XWe pray with folded hands for the victims of monstrous tornado, which roared through suburbs of Oklahoma City killing 51 people, out of which 20 were children. The death toll is expected to rise to 91. The ferocious storm took away so many lives, leaving us all in deep pain and grief. May all the victims’ soul rest in peace and God give strength enough to their family and friends to bear the loss.

In this time of turmoil, we understand how difficult it is to gather oneself and move on. That is why we’ve brought to you some approaches, which could help you let go and embrace life again. At times, we feel stuck in life, we don’t know what to do and where to go. In such testing times, try these to make yourself come out stronger.

Write down your troubles and burn them down

Writing is therapeutic. The moment you pen down something, it seems that piece of paper has taken away 50% of your worries. Like you now have someone to share your troubles with. Just write down whatever is hurting you and burn down the paper. Watch it burn to ashes, and you’ll feel better. You’ll feel victorious over the evil.

Sing a feel-good song

We all have a song that might have inspired us at some point of time. Even if you don’t have any such song today, o back and get it. Listen to it, sing it, it’ll make you feel better.

When you are alone, sing it loudly, twist the lyrics as per your condition and you’ll see trouble melting away from your heart. You’ll see yourself feeling lighter and stronger.

Flip a coin

This little coin can be a constant reminder for you to move on and let go. Just say to yourself move on if it’s heads and let go if its tails. Keep repeating it, everytime you find yourself stuck, try this. It’ll motivate you to let go things and start life afresh.

Observe people and get inspired with their stories

We all are like characters of a big story and we all have a role to play. You may not know the 10 people walking beside you, but who knows they might have a role to play in your story.

Yes. Observe people; take time to sit in a public place. Look at people talking, sitting, moving and you’ll know how there are so many stuck in their rut of things, they have sorrows, they have losses and you are just a background in their life. This gives you inspiration enough to stand up and keep walking. You are not alone, there are so many people struggling with you everyday.

Think about positive things

No matter how bad life has been to you, there’ll always be an option for you to see something positive happening at the moment. Maybe, that positive is not in your life, maybe it’s happening to someone else, but it’s a positive energy.


There’s actually no point reading a lot and not implementing it to action. These things may sound really great while reading but it makes sense only if you are able to gain something out of it. Just give yourself that chance and life will give you reasons to smile.

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