Look Complete with a Touch of Eye Makeup

Look Complete with a Touch of Eye MakeupEye makeup is an excellent way to enhance a woman’s beauty. A bit of eye makeup can dazzle your face, giving you the bit of out of the ordinary looks. Great eye makeup can be accomplished in numerous ways. These days there are numerous options of getting that fantastic eye makeup especially when the market is flooded with numerous products to choose from. Great eye makeup can be accomplished in numerous ways. The perfect way to allow the eye shadow to last all day long is to prime your eyes. Then an eye shadow base should be applied prior applying the eye shadow so that it will enhance that area and ensure to keep it on. Do not give up, if you are not too happy with the results, only through regular practice you can get that perfect look. It will take a bit time to grasp the art of eye makeup.

 Begin your eye makeup with a concealer as it can be used to cover under eye dark circles or the bluish colouration under the eyes. Only 3 dots of concealer should be applied under each eye. Begin applying from the inner corner where the skin is the darkest, next under the pupil and then finally at the outer edge. You just have to pat it with the ring finger. Next you have to highlight the area (a light shade of colourless eye shadow can work like a perfect shimmer) covering up your entire eye lid and the eye area just below the eyebrow. Select a dark colour to cover the crease of your eye. Must use a high quality blending brush and you can apply a combination of dark and light shades by blending it well. And, this can transform the look of your eyes significantly. To add volume to your eyes, an eye shadow can be applied to the bottom lash line. Also, brighten your eyes with a highlighter by applying a light eye shadow at the inner corner of the eye (the area where the upper lid meets the bottom lid). This make the eyes look pop. Also, highlight your brows a bit with a light eye shadow by dabbing it on your browbone.

 To accomplish good results, rather than the foam applicators can make use of the different types of brushes available in market. A power shadow brush is a must in your make up kit, to blend your eye shadow. Cream shadow brush can assist in giving a flawless and crease free results. Lining the eyes is one of the most difficult tasks and for this a hard angle definer brush will be superb. Smudger brush will help to give that smokey look to the eyes. Any kind of imperfections can be corrected by using a cotton bud. At times when you kind find your brush, your finger can be a great makeup applicator.  An eyelash curler can be used to intensify the look of your eyes making you look even gorgeous. Must test the curler before applying to the lashes else you could burn yourself. End it with a few sweeps with the mascara brush to wiggle it back and forth. Eyes being the best way to attract men, all ladies must ensure to have their eye makeup on while stepping out of their homes.

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  1. ty going to use some of ur tips , i always over do it with concealor so will follow ur advice. and the highligter to corners of my eyes mmm will give this a go aswell ty x

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