Lucky Lisa Elated to Win Bingo3X Lucky Draw for May

LisaThe 3 extremely lucky winners of the Lucky Draw for the month of May have been declared. Many congratulations to all of them, you guys have done me so proud! This is just the beginning and as you go ahead from here, you will see the world change right in front of your eyes. And who do you have to thank for such lavishness? Me, of course!

Well, not exactly. Our mascot Bravos is the one who conducts this wonderful draw every month and showers you with cash prizes, no less! Isn’t he a sweetheart! You bet he is!

One of the three lucky winners this time is Lisa. She seems over the moon and I can see why. After all, you don’t get to win such booties every other day.

Hear Lisa’s success story in her own words, “It’s a real surprise to win on this Lucky Draw as I win quite a lot on this site anyway. I am really happy. It couldn’t have come at a better time as I have just moved home and as I am disabled, the money will help in making my house more disabled friendly! Thank you thank you so much, Bingo3X!!!”

Aww, isn’t that sweet? Well, Lisa you deserve to win and we hope you continue to win loads here on our site.

Those of you who did not come up tops in the draw this month, take heart. With Bingo3X being such a generous site, there is always something or the other to be a part of. From bonuses to free goodies, vouchers, movie tickets and more, Bingo3X comes all guns blazing to make this your most memorable summer yet. Don’t forget to connect with the site’s Facebook fan page as well as with the mascots Bravos, Chase and NJS for even more fun!

Happy playing!

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