Made a New Year Resolution: Learn how to fix it

Made a New Year Resolution Learn how to fix itIt is that time of the year when each one of us is busy jotting down our New Year resolutions. A reflection of the year that has just gone through will keep you in a state of scrambling to bring some form of change in your lives. Be it related to health, profession, relationships or reforming oneself, all of us sit down conceptualizing ways to make things better. The concept of resolution works for most of us probably just the first week of the year or may be some people for half a month and the maximum is a full month. As we move ahead in the year, most of start faltering from the pledges that we made in the beginning of the year. The question is why is it so? Is it that we do not want to make things better for us or may be that we get something even better that we had been planning for? Well, the latter one is less likely to happen although it may also, however without working towards something it is not easy to achieve our goals. And, the best way to achieve a goal is staying motivated and working towards it. Yes, I do understand it’s human nature to revert back to old habits. The reality is that for most of us, life’s ebbs and flows steer us back towards habits that give us comfort and sense of belonging. And, that is nothing to be ashamed of and it does not mean that you are weak minded and incapable of taking necessary steps towards attainment our goals. It is all about the power of our mind as we ourselves through our own acts sabotage our success.

If you truly wish to bring change in your life then you got to know the seven keys to success.

Set short term goals: It is always better to fix short term goals than long term ones. Long term goals are more likely to be forgotten or left mid way, therefore fix up short term goals so that you can stay focused. And, if you really craving for a long term goal then you can sort it out in different segments or may be short term goals and go on fixing each one of it. Short term goals can be fixed quickly without any interruption. One tends to be more focused on achieving it. Like for e.g., if you are wishing to lose weight then do not fix it to lose 10 kg in just on ego, may be you can try from just 1kg, and that is certainly attainable.

Cornerstone: Cornerstone represents the starting point of anything. It provides the base and foundation to your plans and is quite essential for anything that you intend to do. Without it, the walls will crash down and things will fall apart. Like if you are planning to buy a house or a new car then the first thing that should come to your mind will be – availability of funds. So, we will have to save for it by cutting down on our spending.

Does it hurt: We have often heard that the road to success is not easy, and one has to undergo a lot many hardships while moving ahead to achieve things. The concept of lack of comfort is used as a motivational tool – it’s said that if it hurts then it works. However, I feel that it is not true always, grinding to the point of exhaustion to achieve success is a myth or something that we see in the big screen. We certainly need to maintain a bit of comfort while we move ahead in life. Like the Aborigines in Gobi desert also take rest when the sun is at its peak and that is why taking rest helps them to preserve the energy so that they can walk more during cooler nights.

Determine the End Result: You have to fix the finishing line of your goal. Then you can clearly focus on your goal. Like say, if you are planning to quit smoking then you will first have to start by reducing it to 20 cigarettes a week and then next week you can lessen it a little more. Your aim is to make it zero right, so that will take place gradually. In the first week of your resolution itself you cannot zero the count and simply go mad. Let it happen at your own ease! You can even start by reducing 1 from the daily count of your intakes.

Stay Safe: Safety is often overlooked by most of us as we make way towards our goal. We are so passionate about our goals that we tend to forget the way we are doing things to reach. To experience the ultimate pleasure of success you have to be conscious every moment.

Sustainability: Is your goal sustainable or have you set the mark too high? You need to plan out the things the way you want to have it. Success belongs to you, it is only the way you fix up the things and move ahead to achieve it.

Wish you all a safe and a Happy New Year!

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