Make up Tips to Contour your Face to make it Look Thinner

Make up Tips to Contour your Face to make it Look ThinnerContouring your face is a simple beauty secret that will make your face look slim and give that picture perfect look. With the help of only 3 make up tools you can pull that perfect contour technique: blush, bronzer and highlighter.

The bronzer is an excellent way to help to contour the face as it will give a shade or two deeper than your natural skin tone. Bronzers can be purchased from a lot many beauty stores available in the market. A bronzer should always be applied parallel to the jaw line and also ensures your cheekbones to pop out beyond the fleshy parts of your face. Bronzer can also be placed from the bridge of the nose straight down. This technique will make your nose look longer and thinner. It is important to blend the make-up at this stage and make your skin look as natural as possible. End it all by applying a thin amount of bronze make-up on the jaw line and chin as this will help to elongate your face to give it a model like look.

Apply blush carefully above the bronzer on the apple of your cheeks. Similar like the bronzer apply the blush parallel to your jaw lines. Light colours are essential for making the apple of your cheeks stand out. But, again on the other hand a darker blush can be used to match your skin tone. A cream stick is an excellent option for applying the exact amount of blush needed for the angle of your cheeks.

Next, is the highlighter and it is a secret that celebrities use to add the finishing touch to their contour faces. Rules for applying the highlighter to your face requires adding makeup to the bottom and top part of the lips. Also, cover a small amount on the top of your nose and run the highlighter over the eyebrow bones. To add misty glows to your entire face, you can add a bit of highlighter over the blush applied on the apple of your cheeks. And, your face is all set with that perfect look.

One best example is Kim Kardashion to flaunt such a look!

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