Makeup that does not look made up

Makeup that does not look made up“I cannot find my mascara! Is my foundation OK or is too much? My eye blush seems to look too bright! I need to give a touch up”. Such statements have become a routine for the ladies. Anything in the world can go wrong but not a woman’s make up. The cosmetic industry has grown to become a multibillion dollar business and of course all thanks to the lovely ladies out there. Cosmetics are a best friend to all ladies! But not all girls like to wear it on! Yes, there are a lot many girls who do not like to spruce themselves with heavy makeup. They hate to coat their face with layers and layers of stuff!  They prefer to keep it light to give that classic and natural look. And, there are lots of fantastic options to get that lovely look. Also, you need not spend a lot in buying tons of expensive products (brushes, concealers, eye shadow, lip liners foundation, bronzers, tweezers and the list goes on). A few simple tips to get that natural look with a few things that can fit into your make up kit or may be in your pocket!

  1. Tinted Moisturizer- Tinted moisturizers are not as heavy as foundations and can give a subtle coverage to your face. It evens your skin tone without looking made up and keeps your face look hydrated.
  2. Cream Blush- Choose a cream blush with a light shade as it will give a nice blush to your face. Preferably choose a cream blush shade that matches with your lip colour.
  3. Eyeliner- A fine eyeliner will give your eye a shape and if you have got scarce eye brows then you can use it to shade them lightly.
  4. Mascara- A mascara is a must for its adds volume to the look of your eyes, intensifying your eye lids to look bigger and brighter.
  5. Lip Gloss-   A lip gloss can give a finishing touch to your makeup by enhancing the colour of your lips giving that glossy lustre look.

 These products can be easily availed across a lot many departmental stores. Before spending on them, make sure to discover your skin type and what products could be compatible with your skin. And, the best is to visit a dermatologist or any skin clinic where in you could discuss your skin characteristics. Once, you have tried out these products, you can gradually make your way towards the next level  to try something more like foundation and eye blush with different colours. It’s absolutely optional! But, yes even the natural look does wonders! So, take the right diet for a healthy skin, involve cleansing & moisturizing to your daily routine and you will have the best. Also, remember to coat your body sunscreen lotion before stepping out! Look beautiful in the natural way.

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