Manicure worth $250,000 for Kelly Osbourne: Is it worth?

Manicure worth $250,000 for Kelly Osbourne Is it worthFlaunting fashionable nails became a style statement in the latest Emmy awards held at Los Angeles. If you actually give a guess as what prices women can spend on their fashion stuff, you certainly might calculate some ridiculous amounts. Well, how about this price- $250,000? Sounds so crazy- I cannot imagine someone spending such a big amount just for a manicure. The price can help so many survive with their basic necessities! However, someone has spent this crazy amount in putting forth a unique look to her nails or probably indulging in an experience of a lifetime.  In the recent Emmy awards, Kelly Osbourne stunned on the red carpet with her fashionable nails. The 27 year old fashionista decorated her nails with real diamonds and that seemed to be one of the most expensive manicures of the event.

She wore a nail polish that was priced for a whopping $250,000. It was a black nail polish with real diamonds embedded on it. Yeah-diamonds! The nail polish was applied from a tiny little bottle that contained 267 carats of black diamonds, and was released by the Los Angeles based jewellery brand Azature. Other than Kelly Osbourne, the only celebrity to have worn it till now was Jennifer Lopez.

Before the awards, Kelly uploaded a picture of the polish via Instagram, stating: “I’m s—-ting myself to have that much money on my nails!” She even confessed to a reporter that applying the nail polish, she was too scared to touch anything. Rest of her look also did not seem to be less stunning too – with a pretty purple Zac gown that matched with her lilac hair. The gown suited her well as she took her elegant steps carrying a Judith Leiber clutch bag and posed in front of the camera. She wore shoes of Stuart Weitz-man that got hidden by her flowing gown and was adorned with Martin Katz jewellery.

Her lilac hair was neatly tied into a pony tail and her bright red lips made her look absolutely bewitching. In every inch, she seemed to be the fashion icon of the show. But, her nails became one of the biggest fashion stories of that evening. The ceremony took place at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles and along with Kelly Osbourne, a lot many TV starlets were seen on the ramp. This was the 64th Grammy awards and the other stars to join the nail polish trend were Sarah Hyland, Julia Louis- Dreyfus, Zooey Deschanel and Julianne Hough. However, amidst all of them Kelly Osbourne sizzled the most with her expensive manicured nails worth $250,000. No one had nails as impressive as hers! What do you think of Osbourne’s manicure? Is it a lifetime experience or a grand waste of money? Do let us know what you think about it!

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