Match your match box and other ideas

JOKERI used to think I am super careless and used to chide myself for it, not so silently. I have always believed that the term scatter-brain must have been coined for someone exactly like me. Why or how else could one lose headphone after headphone? Its only when I started losing pencils, post-its and lip glosses did I realise how wrongly I had been accusing myself of being careless while it has always been someone else happily flicking stuff from my desk. I was livid when I found out, turned a Bloody Mary red and resolved to tackle the issue.

I have come a long way since then. Now that I work from home, there is no more stealing stuff (though I am still losing them occasionally which means I am a little careless after all, if not completely). But those of you who work in large offices with pesky co-workers, here are some tips.

PS – Even if you are a stay at home, hands on mum, these could be fun ideas?

What can you personalise? Everything! From pencils to matchboxes to speakers, give everything your unique touch. Here’s how.

Next time you are throwing a theme party at home, get some fabric to match the theme, cut small squares out of them and glue them on the matchboxes (make sure you don’t cover the area where the match is struck =D ) and watch those little babies spark of conversations between complete strangers. The quirkier the design, the better the conversation will flow.

As for speakers, if you have white coloured ones, you can let your creativity run wild. Though you can choose whatever colour you wish, a simple B&W cartoon strip will look fabulous. I have been inspired by the latest Batman movie and decided to resurrect his old nemesis on my speakers.

Have fun, go wild!

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