Meditate your way to inner calm

gautamabuddhaMy mother has always said that there are a few things in life that one can never run from. No matter what precautions we take and how we handle our day to day issues, such things have a way of catching up with us, usually when we are least expecting. Unfortunately, stress is one such thing that has become intrinsic to modern existence.

While we cannot expect to run away from stress, things are not as dire as that statement would have you believe. It’s true that one cannot be stress free all the time but every time something threatens to shred the threads of peace within us, one can resort to a few methods that help us keep our faith and stay calm even in the eye of the storm. One such method that has stood the test of time is meditation.

Though we have long associated meditation as a part of Eastern philosophies, the West is now no stranger to this is simple yet powerful device that needs no fancy equipments and no special trainings to practice and yet, unfailingly helps us all find our balance.

The simplicity involved in mindful meditation is what makes it profound. There is no rigid structure, no rights and wrongs involved. When practiced as a part of one’s religious belief, meditation does have a few rules. For example, the Hindu and the Buddhist ways of meditating, though fundamentally same, often follow different paths to attain the same goal.

However, when practiced as a means to creating balance in life, such rules become unimportant. Find a place where you can sit still and where no one can reach you. Switch off your mobiles and other electronic devices. Usually one needs to find a source to concentrate on and this can vary depending on preference. While some like to focus on their breath, others find inspiration in the flickering flames of a candle.

The trick is to still the mind. Much easier said than done. Initially, meditation might seem to be a struggle. Only when you pay attention to the different thoughts entering your mind every second do you realise what an extremely noisy and chaotic place one’s mind is. Don’t try to push thoughts aside. Let them come to you, pay heed to them and then gently keep them aside and concentrate.

It requires many days of practice to even begin meditating properly but 10 minutes every day is a good place to begin.


“Look within, you are the Buddha.”

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