More Men opting for Botox® to look youthful

botoxWho doesn’t want to look youthful and elegant? Gone are the days when only women wanted to look younger and graceful. A large number of men have started following this trend. To name few celebs – Simon Cowell, Gordon Ramsay and David Hasselhoff have admitted to using Botox.

Just to give a brief – Botox® is a trade name for botulinum toxin A. It blocks signals sent from nerves which informs muscles to contracts. This in turn reduces wrinkles because if a part of the body doesn’t move then it doesn’t wrinkle.  It takes only few minutes to get Botox injected and one doesn’t even need an anesthesia. The effect lasts for four to six months and is often used on forehead lines, lines around eyes and frown lines. Simon Cowell in fact has admitted to using Botox twice a year.

Don’t be surprised if you hear about Botox parties. Now a day’s such parties are organised where in people mingle over for few drinks and to get Botox injected.

Most men who interact with younger colleagues face-to-face opt for Botox. At workplace, you wouldn’t want to feel left out especially when you have lots of young colleagues surrounding you.

At times if their partners are getting good results then men tend to jump to get Botox injected just to match up with them. Even partners tend to convince men to get Botox injected.

There is one more group who people – Men who turn single again during later stage also opt for this option and its quiet obvious for them to do so.

Getting Botox and upon achieving good natural results boosts the confidence, increase performance at workplace and makes you more active. This is of course apart from making you look younger.

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