My love affair with Paris

pareeJames Thurber, the celebrated American author and cartoonist, famously said, “Paris is a post graduate course in EVERYTHING.” Having visited the city many times, I can vouch for the authenticity of those words. I have long been in love with Paris and it is one lover that has never let me down. What started off as a passing fancy has developed into a really serious affair and has reached that stage where striking it off my life is no longer a possibility. Whatever I know about music, art, culture and fashion has to do with Paris. It has all been learnt in Paris, honed elsewhere. I remember visiting Paris for the first time when I was 13 and all these years later, it still fills me with the giddy hope that anything, absolutely anything, is possible in Paris!

Hollywood too seems to be in love with this great city and it doesn’t surprise me at all to note that the love affair is going strong even after 70-80 years! Paris is a celebration of the senses. Though Henry Miller said, “When spring comes to Paris the humblest mortal alive must feel that he dwells in paradise,” there are no wrong seasons to visit the city – Paris is beautiful in each of its get ups. The streets, the people, the language, the monuments of historical significance, the churches, the fashion houses especially Les Galeries Lafayette, the perfumeries, the patisseries, the wines, the aromas, the cuisine, the music, the artists’ quarter, the scenic beauty, Seine and its cruises, the bars, Paris at night, the walks down its streets, Paris in the rain, Paris resplendent in spring, brooding Paris in harsh winters…ah, any thought of Paris makes my heart throb and ache like the heart of an estranged lover.

But no matter how far, I know we are never apart. Time for visit to the French capital soon! Je t’aime, Paree!

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