Nail the lookHere comes Friday… and I am all excited about tonight’s Party. Everything on my Party checklist is ON except the “Toughened keratin at the end of my fingers, Yes!! I am talking about my NAILS, “I look at my nails and I feel.. eeew that’s not cool. I wonder, who came up with the idea of decking nails?

The nail Fashion is not a trend that caught on recently, it all started way back in 3000 B.C. There is indication that the Chinese used a type of enamel on their fingers that once applied and left to dry for several hours would turn the nail a reddish/ pink colour. In Egypt, nails of higher classes meant deeper shades while the lower classes meant pale.

From a creative point of view, the best styles we wear on our body are mostly dead cells (Hair and nails). I admire those who paint their nails every single day and in combination with what they wear otherwise (pun unintended)

The colour you chose to paint on your nail says a lot about who you are. Here are a few:

Hot Red – Sassy

Pink – Spunky

Pale pink – Quiet/Feminine

Aqua Blue – Youthful

French Manicure – Glamorous/Professional

Back then, nail art was all about nail & paint. Now, is an endless list of elements like gel, acrylic, crystals, glitter, metallic etc., Piercing is also part of nail art, you could get your nails pierced and wear fancy rings.

I am so thankful to this technology era for a machine called “The NILO Nail Printer”. It gives every woman the ability to have beautiful and intricately designed nails in no time! Women go gaga about nail art so much that they play nail art games on the internet, which in itself is quite addictive.

The key to nail art is to use one aspect of hygiene and the other to your ingenuity in fashion. It’s true that sometimes bigger is better but when it comes to nails, the last thing you would want is bold colours with exaggerated designs. If you want the focus on an intricate design, opt for a subdued base coat. For the magic of glitter, look to sparkling accessories like stones.

I am off to.. NAIL MY LOOK!

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