Oh fish! That’s a great lifestyle choice

pescetarianChristian Bale made this choice when he was only 9 and has been serious about it ever since. Natalie Portman started even younger, when she was all of 8 and is considered one of its biggest advocates today. Kate Winslet is devoted to the cause. Tobey Maguire is strict about it while Anne Hathaway practices it on and off.

I am talking about vegetarianism.

It isn’t just Hollywood celebrities who are serious about vegetarianism. With its range of health benefits and ethically strong standpoints, more and more people are taking to vegetarianism these days. However, the thought of giving up all kinds of meat sounds daunting to me, despite being fully aware of all the pros which are likely to come my way. There are some genuine causes of concern too such as the reduced intake of protein etc.

On one hand, I have fallen in love with animals after reading Charlotte’s Web, much like the Dark Knight Christian Bale but on the other hand, I cannot seem to risk having an inadequate diet. Is it possible to find a way out? For others like me in a similar dilemma, becoming a pescetarian might just be the answer.

The term ‘pescetarian’ was coined in the year 1993 and owes its origins to the Italian word pesce or Latin piscis. A pescetarian thus, is a person who eats fish and other seafood as the only form of meat. In other words, a pescetarian is a vegetarian who also eats fish and seafood. Whether a pescetarian eats dairy products or not is a personal choice and can vary from one to the other. However, they do not eat poultry, lamb, beef, pork etc. A pescetarian or a fishetarian does not ONLY eat fish. One who does that will actually be termed a piscivore.

Whether it is for ethical concerns or is meant to be a step towards being vegetarian, the advantages of being a pescetarian over being a meat eater are many. Here are some:

  • Seafood is low in saturated fat, unlike most red meat.
  • Some fish like Salmon are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Compared to a meat consuming diet, a pescetarian diet uses less fossil fuel and water
  • It causes less water pollution and does not deplete rain forests

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