Popularly believed dieting myths

Popularly believed dieting myths1. Eating less aid in weight loss: This is perhaps the most popular myth that every woman believes in. Most women skip meals thinking they will lose weight. On the contrary, weight loss by skipping meals aids in temporary weight loss. But in the long run it reduces metabolism, hence resulting in weight gain. So what should one do? Eat little in small intervals to keep your metabolism high. And when you eat try to include more vegetables and fruits in your diet. Try to abstain from oil and butter.

2. High calorie foods will cause instant weight gain: It is not true. And for heaven’s sake stop believing it! Ok fine, true that high intake of calorie leads to weight gain. But women who panic to cheese, ice cream or cake are nothing less than paranoia. It is believed that it takes 3500 calories to put on around 2 kilos of weight. So giving a break to your strict diet regime once in a while isn’t that bad. Eat pizza once in 15 days, if you find it hard to resist. It surely will not harm you. In fact giving in to your temptations and enjoying your meal from a scrumptious menu will make your exercise and diet regime little less dreary.

3. All calories are the same: If you are following a diet that relies solely on counting calories then chances are you are going the unhealthy way. You need to know there are good and bad calories. Calories coming from fruits, whole grain, vegetables are good and essential for your diet. They are high on carbohydrates and are required for every day functioning. If you really crave to stay away from something, make sure you abstain from eating pizzas, burgers, soft drinks as they are high on calorie and will harm your body. So cut down on the wrong calories and include lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grain in your diet even if they are high on calories.

4. Drinking water before a meal makes you eat less: This is an age old misleading belief that we all love to believe in. It is true drinking water before meal will make you full and thereby make you eat less. But remember you will get hungry in no time. The reality is water gets processed rather quickly. But food with high water content will take time to get processed. So include a large bowl of tomato, cucumber, orange, melons before your meal, it will make you feel fuller and you will end up eating less. Additionally, they are rich in proteins and minerals and also very essential for your daily diet regime.

5.  Avoid eating anything after 9 p.m.: And the biggest myth of all! Most of the dieticians suggest having supper before 9. Metabolism slows down at night. Nevertheless, the body requires energy to perform the basic functions even in the night. In case you feel hungry grab a handful of dry fruits or a glass of skimmed milk. They will satiate your hunger without adding inches to your waistline.

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