Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration is upon us

Diamond JubileeYaay! This time around it’s going to be a long weekend. Thanks to The Queen’s 60th Anniversary and the late May Bank Holiday. The Diamond Jubilee celebrations will be from 2ndJune to 5thJune 2012.

While Accession Day is on 6thFebruary but Coronation took place only on 2ndJune. Hence the Diamond Jubilee will be celebrated during this weekend. Plenty of exciting events have been planned during this extended weekend and we at Bingo3X will make the celebrations grander by giving away lots of goodies.

We will set the ball rolling right from 1st June 2012 and the celebrations will last till 6thJune 2012 for all our lovely players.  We will dish out some delicious bonus for all our BFFs. After all, that’s what friends are meant for -wink wink.

A huge 100% Re-deposit bonus is up for grabs for all our GOLD and PLATINUM BFFs. This will be for not just one but for EVERY deposit you make during 1stJune to 6thJune 2012.

BROZE and SILVER BFFS – it’s time to rejoice as we also have a fabulous offer for all of you. We have decided to serve you all with 80% Re-deposit bonus offer. Again, this will be applicable for EVERY deposit you make at Bingo3X.

If you thought this was all we had to offer then hang on while we reveal our other exciting offers.

You can win over £4500 in our guaranteed jackpot games. We have scheduled guaranteed jackpot games worth £60 starting 1stJune 2012. You can play this game not just once, twice but EVERY 60 minutes for 6 days in a row. The best part is tickets for these games will cost just 6p/ticket. Now that’s what we call icing on the cake.  Be sure to be in Jubilee Bash Room to play these games.

Require more goodies? Your wish is our command. Just “Like” us on Facebook to participate in our exciting daily contests to win more.

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