Reap the benefits of the Saddle Ride

Reap the benefits of the Saddle RideHorse riding can be fun! As long as you are physically and mentally fit, one can join this activity and enjoy its benefits. Horse riding is an exceptionally rewarding activity and can equip a lot of positive skills in the rider. Actually, animal lovers can enjoy a range of health benefits like lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Horse riding is well recognized for offering excellent therapeutic properties. The activity offers a balanced effect of psychological and physical benefits. It is an excellent work out for the mind and body, boosting the cardiovascular system and easing the stress of mind.

Physical Benefits of Horse Riding

Just like exercising improves respiratory functions and the blood circulation of our body, well both these benefits can be derived from horse riding too. And, what makes it different from the other work outs is the good posture one gets while seated on the back of the horse. This helps the rider to attain an overall better posture. It increases balance and co-ordination in the rider as the person will have to manage the movement of the horse and as a result the motor function of the rider improves.

On taking your first ride on a horse, you might realize of having certain muscles that you barely knew if you had. Well, this is due to the movement of the horse and its effect on the rider. When the rider reacts to the movement of the horse to avoid coming off balance, the postural muscles of the trunk, pelvis and thighs are continuously conditioned. Constant adjustment and counter reaction towards the rhythmic gait of the horse, coupled with a good riding posture strengthens the spine and increases the joint mobility. A seasoned horse rider will develop excellent sensory integration, develops alertness and teaches to perceive and handle emergency situations better. Also, it is a great way to lose calories. You might feel as though that the rider does not engage in any physical exercise, however an hour’s activity can burn calories that a 30 minute cycle ride would have done so.

Mental Benefits of Horse Riding

Ask a horse rider about the feeling of riding a house and you will get numerous positive responses of the enjoyment and experience that they enjoy during a ride. The sense of enjoyment is experienced during for dual reasons – joy of riding and being connected with outdoor activities. The breath of fresh air, scenic views and the riding trails will give you heartfelt enjoyment and decrease the stress levels. Most of the riders have a positive and a cheerful outlook having an optimistic attitude towards life. The regular riders concentrate on learning new things like horse riding vocabulary, balance and co-ordination, grooming the horse etc. This kind of mental exercise of learning helps to keep one alert and prevent memory loss. Riders also develop a sense of trust with the animal that further ensures them to develop a greater trust with the people around.

Psychological Benefits of Horse Riding

Learning to be a proficient horse rider is not an easy task. There are a lot of qualities one has to master before being a skilled rider. Firstly, one has to cultivate a lot of patience, for learning to ride a horse is not a one day game. Therefore, you can master the art only with patience. Dealing with animals, especially something like a horse is risky; therefore you can sharpen your abilities to take risks. A rider will have to learn to exert control and master the skills to make the horse respond to your commands. Achieving control over a large animal requires a lot of self esteem and confidence as required facing the day to day challenges. Besides, all this you even develop a sense of responsibility that is born with the respect and need to care for the horse like grooming and feeding. And, finally you develop interest with the outside world as it is a lot needed for most of you to escape from the hectic desk bound jobs and appreciate activities like this to live a healthier life.

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