Reasons why someone wants to be you!

Bingo3XAre you one of those people who keep wishing they were someone else? People who are in awe of someone else’s life and so busy doing that that they forget to appreciate their own life. If actually you fall in any such category, it is time that you realise how much better you are that the person sitting next to you or the one you are in awe of.

There are people who are waiting and wanting to be you. So love yourself, be who you are and feel positive. Life is all about looking up and looking ahead, there’s no looking back. Never! Here are some reasons why someone wishes he could be you, while you are ignoring yourself.

You can read this

You are educated enough to read this! Education is one of the best things to happen to humans and precisely this is the reason which puts humans in a better category. Do you even know that there are about 774 million people in this world who don’t know how to read or write. These people are looking up to you, these people want to be you. Be happy that you are at a better position today.

You are healthy

The very fact that you can read this says that you are pretty healthy. You can sit, your brain lets you connect to the internet and read good things about yourself. You can see this world and feel its beauty. There are a lot of people for whom this everyday activity of yours might be a once in a lifetime dream.

You can choose

To choose is one of the biggest freedoms of all times and you have that freedom. You know what you like, you have options and you are choosing to play bingo or read this at the moment. Remember, not everyone has these choices in life.

You still have a chance

Even if you might have failed some goals, you might not have been able to achieve some of the things you had planned to achieve, but the very fact that you can read, write, you are healthy – all state that you have a chance. You have a chance to prove yourself, to live life, to love life, to love yourself.

So next time, you think you were someone else, kick the thought. Look at yourself in the mirror and blow yourself a kiss. You are totally worth it.


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