Say Goodbye to Snoring

Say Goodbye to Snoring

Snoring is a most common affliction among a lot of people, however, lesser among the fairer sexes. The rattling, snorting sound while you breathe during sleep can get obnoxious for your partner. However, older people are more prone to snoring. They have both medical and social consequences attached to it, which makes the issue more serious than it perhaps seems. Discover the ways to sleep peacefully and put an end to your problem:

  • People are more likely to snore if they lie on their back and sleep on their stomach. In other words, people who sleep on their sides snore more. Make sure you change your sleeping posture.
  • Visit a dentist who can prescribe you an anti-snoring mouth guard that holds teeth together and prevents lower jaw muscles from slacking.
  •  Smoking is harmful for respiratory system and also contributes to snoring. So say goodbye to cigarettes at the earliest.
  • Maintain a proper bedtime routine. Don’t sleep late. Make a schedule of your sleep. Sleep on time and also try to wake up early every day.
  • Consumption of alcohol and sleeping pills depresses the Central Nervous System and relaxes the muscles of jaw and throat, making an individual snore. They also contribute to sleep apnea. Hence if you face difficulty in sleeping, instead of popping pills, visit your doctor urgently.
  • Obesity or being overweight might be the reason for snoring. If there is fat formation around the neck, it might put pressure on the airway leading you to snore. Hence, the only solution here would be to shed that extra kilo. Hard as it may seem, but perhaps that’s the only way out.
  • Respiratory allergies can also cause snoring by forcing the sufferer to breathe through their mouths when they sleep. Taking an antihistamine before bedtime can relieve you from this problem. And if your nose is blocked because of cold, try using saline spray or humidifier.
  • Chronic respiratory allergies may cause snoring by forcing sufferers to breathe through their mouths while they sleep. Taking an antihistamine just before bedtime might help. If your nose is stuffed up, try using an over-the-counter saline spray or a humidifier.

Excessive snoring is an indicator of sleep apnea, a serious sleep disorder. Get yourself treated if you have traits of sleep apnea.

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