SCORPIO: October 23 – November 21

Your element: Water
Your ruling planets: Pluto
Symbol: The Scorpion
Your stone: Topaz
Life Pursuit: To survive against all opposition
Vibration: Resilient
Scorpio’s Secret Desire: To triumph

Magnetic, elusive, sexy and determined. That’s you Scorpio! That cool aloofness is just the surface of your complex nature, and is by no means bad. Below the surface of your cool exterior is a scorching and passionate fire. You know it and others sense it too. You are demanding of yourself and others, but when you give your heart to someone you’re very loyal. You are committed to anything you do, including relationships — you absolutely adore the idea of love. It’s a challenge that excites you.

22-08-2014 to 05-09-2014

Scorpio- Don’t be too surprised if your find your life pulling you into new directions… With Venus/Jupiter sitting on your Mid-Heaven, it isn’t likely the universe is going to allow you to follow the path of least resistance… These two astrological powerhouses of positive energy are there to bring more joy, happiness and satisfaction into your personal life… It causes you to be the one others can look to for guidance, leadership & dedication… To be the one to be relied upon!!

With chart energy this positive, you had to figure that at some point the universe is going to step in and “test” you by calling up your inner-fears & insecurities to see if you would give up & turn away from your hopes, dreams & wishes… (don’t)… This is rather emotional energy but it also passes very quickly too… By later in the week you’ll slide into your high cycle and from then on everything will tend to go your way… A great weekend for social/romantic activities.