Seven years and six kids later, they prepare to make it official

engagementOh, don’t we just LOVE celebrity weddings! Especially when it is a couple that has dodged the “Will they, won’t they” question for years; it calls for all the bubbly, sparkly wines in the cellar to be brought out.

The recently announced Brangelina engagement has sent the media into a tizzy. Finally, there is something happening in Hollywood that can overshadow the Kardashians and their endless family drama. The Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt wedding has been pitted as the royal wedding of America. Royal? Not quite but almost. The royals here won’t wait to have a brood of 6 before they happen to casually announce their engagement but it’s Hollywood, after all! Our very own Hollywood royalty gets away with inconsequential details like these. Some have even called the Will and Kate wedding a warm up to the real deal (read: Angie and Brad’s wedding) while some media people have dubbed it THE media event of the new century.

Oh yes, it is time for some serious tabloid circus. When a woman can create so much hype over her exposed leg, imagine what her wedding to one of the most handsome men of our times has the potential to do!

Expect to see a lot of them in the near future. From their mugs splashed on the daily tabloids to the both of them dominating what we get to see on TV, there’s going to be a lot of Brangelina dreams for many of us, owing to the constant exposure to the minute details and speculations surrounding their wedding.

What will Angelina wear? Will all her tattoos be exposed or will she walk the aisle dressed as the traditional bride? Which designer will get to dress her? Will Brad be clean shaven or will he sport a stubble? Who will be invited and who will be given the cold shoulder? What will be the kids’ role in the wedding? What will be served? Expect to find these answered over the next couple of months.

And when we are talking about Brangelina, is it possible not to drag Jennifer Aniston into the picture? Of course not! People are quick, talks are already rife if Jen will grace the wedding or not. Is the ring that Brad gave her better than the one he has given Angelina? The reservoir of questions regarding Brad and Angelina’s wedding is ‘Pitt-less.’

Whatever said and done, a wedding is always so exciting! Imagine getting married in your very own private chapel with your six kids witnessing the same. Special from the very word go! I just have one question for the newly engaged couple though. Why now? Call me a pessimist but if I was Angelina (high hopes!) or Brad, I would have not altered anything and just carried on with the blissful cohabitation.

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