Signs Indicating He Is Ready For Marriage

Signs Indicating He Is Ready For Marriage

Most women find themselves in a dilemma. They have been dating him for quite some time now, but are still unsure where all this is heading. Patience is all you need! We can help you to know whether your relationship is heading towards matrimonial direction or not.

Suggests Being Together: If he looks at both of you as ‘WE’ or ‘US’ then you can be definite that the relationship is heading towards marriage. Try and gauge how he refers the two of you as a couple. If he has a futuristic tone in his answer, be relieved that the relation is heading towards a long term goal. It also suggests that he has evolved beyond thinking just about himself and looks at the both of you as a couple more than two individual entities.

Diminishing Bachelorhood: Try to test him if he is matured enough to tie the knot. Observe if his typical bachelor habits have changed. This might include being career- oriented. Perhaps he prefers not to party late nights on Sundays ensuring his job does not suffer the next day. This highlights his maturity level. He might also dump his flirtatious ways, does not make fun of marriages any more. All this is a positive sign of him being ready to pop up that question to you any time.

Financial Independence: For most men financial stability is the major criterion for marriage. It is the biggest reason for settling or not settling down. This would include job security, investments, earnings etc. If your guy is mentions about his financial independence frequently, it means that he has a reasonably stable financial situation. And he will be comfortable to talk about stability in his personal life as well.

Husband Like Than Boyfriend like: Notice if his behavior toward you has changed over time. Whenever you guys go out, does he not let you spend a dime. He refers to your parents as ‘mom’ and ‘dad’. He is extremely protective about you whenever you venture out. All these signs show that he is ready for marriage.

Families Getting Involved: If families are getting involved you can be assured that he is ready for marriage. Observe if in any family event he involves you or not? Does his family know about your relationship? If there is a yes to all these questions, the indication is crystal clear. He might pop up that question to you very soon. In no time you will hear the wedding bells ring.

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