Signs That He’s Not The Perfect Marriage material for You

relationshipsYou meet a guy, he likes you, you are flattered – and then you fall in love. Well, this is how love stories generally take a start but most often end up abruptly. The cycle gets reversed, now you like the guy but he seems to have lost interest. You want to get married and stay with him forever but he’s not ready to commit and then the problem begins.

The sequence sounds quite filmy but this is the reality. And to be honest, there’s no remedy to this once you are bitten. So it’s better to proceed with precaution. Here are some easy signs to tell you whether the guy is a marriage material or not.

He’s fixated to your looks: If he constantly talks about how beautiful you are or he’s forever criticizing you for the way you look or dress, he just not the guy. You are a mere object for this guy and he’d get over you soon. So give him a jerk and tell him to mind his own business. This guy is not for you.

He remains a flirt: You two came together while he was flirting with you but if you’re his real love, he’ll no more feel the need to flirt around. But when you see him flirting around with every other chic around, it’s time to realise this guys is not serious about you. It might sound rude, but this person is just passing time with you. Drop him without a thought.

Financially unsettled: No matter however much you may talk about love heals blah blah but you cannot deny the fact that money might not be the only thing which matters buts money does matter. So if this guy has his future in doldrums, where he’s not sure what he wants and how he wants to go by achieving it and he has no inclination of having any plan – it’s time you need to re-think your relationship.

Shuns future planning: If he gets into making vague excuses the moment you talk about sealing a deal with marriage, he clearly has no intentions of being in a lifelong relationship with you. He has to prioritize you on other things but if he has some other priorities all the time, he’s just not into you.

He’s a complete Mumma’s boy: Beware of any such guys girls! If he’s in his 20s and still asks his mother about which shirt to wear and where to go- take it as an alarm bell. No matter how nice this guy may seem, you would not want to marry a baby sitting in his mother’s lap. Take a deep breath and run.

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