Smoking Harms your Brain: It Decreases the Brainpower

Smoking Harms your BrainThe harmful effects of smoking need not be described, for we all are aware about the damages it causes to one’s lungs and leading to cancer. However, a recent research has told about the alarming effects on human brains as told by British scientists. They have stated that lighting up the cigarette regularly is associated with a decline in the performance of the brain. According to the survey conducted by the researchers, they stated that middle age smokers performed low in comparison to those who were not addicted to the tobacco habit. The aim of this project was to examine the memory and mental ability after four and eight years. As per the tests, people had to learn new words or tell the name of as many animals as possible in just a minute. And, as per the survey, the researchers concluded that smoking consistently reduces the mental performance of the people year after year. (Also, people suffering from blood pressure and being overweight were also affected with brain issues, but not as caused by smoking.)


The team of researchers has warned regarding the alarming effects of cigarette smoking on the lifestyle of people. The risk factor was examined in more than 8,800 people aged 50 and above taking part in the Longitudinal Study of Ageing. The researchers were investigating the link between heart attack and the state of the brain. They identified numerous risk factors that were associated with cognitive decline. High blood pressure has a gradual effect on the brain and is also a major contributory factor in causing heart disease. Dr. Simon Ridley of Alzheimer’s Research UK, said that repeatedly smoking and high blood pressure add to the risk of cognitive decline. And, as we age cognitive decline leads to dementia. Therefore, this adds weight age to the above mentioned study that smoking causes decline in the brain power. Next time, when you are picking up a cigarette to light it, just recall the message put here. Say No to Smoking! Live longer and Happier!

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